Buying Property In New Lambton

3 Helpful Tips To Secure Your Dream Home

1. Understand comparable property prices

When it comes to purchasing your new home in New Lambton, it is critical to understand comparable sales. Overall, the sales comparison approach is the foundation of how properties are evaluated. I recommend you evaluate the price of 5 to 10 similar properties in the New Lambton market sold within the last 3 to 6 months. Sales outside of this timeframe may not be relevant as the market can change quickly. This will enable you to establish a pattern, which will help you determine if a property is a great buy, or above market value.

To assist my clients I run a free comparison report on any property they are looking to purchase, to assist them in understanding the true value of a home. Call or email me to receive this free report, quickly!

2. Tell me what you are looking for!

Not every home makes it to the market. The perfect buyer is often found by receiving very clear buying requirements, and matching that buyer to the perfect home.

Many vendors will sell off-market if approached with a genuine buyer. This allows them to maintain their privacy and eliminate marketing costs.

We often have a list of off-market homes available to privately inspect. To be called about suitable New Lambton homes that aren’t yet on the market, register HERE!

3. Act Fast!

Properties in the New Lambton area move quickly. My advice is to move quickly on a property, if it matches your needs, to avoid missing out. It is common for a home to be sold after the first open home. Being ready to buy means having your finances in order, speaking to a Mortgage Broker or your preferred lender, having a Pest & Building Inspector ready to go and having your deposit ready to exchange.